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Leonardo Miglaccio Garcia

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1 Leonardo Miglaccio Garcia on Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:24 pm

Name : Leonardo Miglaccio Garcia
Nickname : Loco,Italian Capone,Scarface
Place of Birth : Sicily,Italy 21 - Juni - 1987
Profession : Mobster,Criminal,Racketeer
Working With : Don of [Garcia Crime Syndicate]
Famous autograph :

Leonardo Miglaccio Garcia Was an Italian Mafia and Vice Leader of White Face Mafia

Early Life
Leonardo Miglaccio Garcia Was born in Sicily Italy His Father is Antonio Miglaccio And his mother is Caroline Garcia.His father Was a Farmer and his mother is a House Wife.Leonardo Spend his Childhood times just same like the other kids,Playing with his parents,Listening to a fairlytale Playing football,And Sometimes he's go out and hunting a deer with his father.when he's on 10 years old his father told him about a story which can change Leonardo Life and at the end of the story,Antonio ( Leo fathers ) tell some quotes to his boy "Get what you want with you own way" Antonio always teach his Son to be Strong and a Resolute one.
Teen Age
When Leonardo Just 10 Years old His father no longer working on farm,his father Decide to join black market traders which is Selling an Materials,Unlicensed gun and a part of it and many Illegal Crafts item.But Leo doesn't Know what his father doing for living right now,until one day He ( Leo) Decide to follow his Father to a strange and Foreign Place.Leo ask his Father to join the business but his Father Doesn't give a permission until his 15 Years Old.When Leonardo already 15 he got a permission from his father to Joining the business.At the First day in Black market Leonardo got a bad experience Four Stranger Guy using black Ford car come into the market and ask for an Tax and money to everyone in the Black market Place.When the Stranger come into Leonardo Father Store,His Father Fight and kill one Stranger Guy and Shoot the other three Stranger.After Arrived in his Home Leonardo ask his father about the stranger guy,and why they dare to ask an money in the black market place.He Father Replay " They are a Mafia,they have many friend in this city that's the reason why they dare to do that." Tomorow morning 05:27AM Leonardo Heard a car sound Six people get out from the car and Shoot Leonardo House,Leonardo and his Parents Escaped from back door and go to his Uncle House,they wait and live in there until the Cooldown time arrived.
After three Years,Leonardo feel bored and want to success by living the american dreams so Leo Decide to go to America.

Living in Los Angels
For the First and Second Years in America,Leonardo Suffice to his live by working in a barber,in a Restaurant and work as a Construction workers,until the day he Release that he can't Success if working like this.in the Third Years he Living in Los Angels,Leonardo go to market with a Baseball bat Asking for tax and money in the first day success and Got $237 but the next day after day a mafia Group Looking for Leonardo Activity in their turf it makes the group of mafia angry and mad.The group of mafia trying to find Leonardo but its easy to find after the group of mafia find Leonardo their torture and throw Leonardo away from the city.After two days fainting Leonardo found by his old friend Acer which have a same goal and Dream with Leonardo,Acer take him to his house and take care of him two days after the incident Leonardo finally recover. Acer Take Leonardo to John Place in that Place Leonardo Meet Oliver and Peter all of them have a same goal with Leonardo To Control the Business and Living the American Dreams.After Everything Happens They Decide to Make a Mafia and Criminal Syndicate and it still working until now.

Sorry,Story agak Lebay,panjang dan Grammar masih banyak yang salah Di terima kritik saran dari kalian dan di tunggu juga Story dari kalian Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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2 Re: Leonardo Miglaccio Garcia on Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:07 pm

Dari bayi muka mu sudah kriminal

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